Ivan Yemelyanovich Chichevsky

Order of the Red Star nr. 145712 was awarded by Order of the 5th Tank Army of April 21, 1943 to 27- or 28-year-old Senior Lieutenant Ivan Yemelyanovich Chichevsky, former senior adjutant of the Mortar Battalion of the 720th Rifle Regiment, 162nd Rifle Division, 38th Army, Southwestern Front.

Record card

Order booklet nr. V-060863

1. Last name: Chichevsky
2. First name and patronymic: Ivan Yemelyanovich
3. Military rank: Guards Major
4. Sex: Male
5. Year of birth: 1915
6. Place of birth: Izhmorsky Raion, Kemerovo Oblast
7. Party membership (since which year): Member of the Communist Party since 1942
8. Education: Secondary
9. Nationality: Russian
10. Since which year in the Red Army: May 1935 - October 1945
11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied at the time of the award: 61st Independent Officers' Reserve Regiment, Kharkov Military District
12. Current place of service and position: Temporarily unemployed
13. Home address of the awardee: ___ Krasnaya Street, city of Dnepropetrovsk

14. List of all awards received:

Name of the order or medal

Serial number

Number of the document

Ground of award

Medal for Courage


Temporary certificate nr. A-1019758

Order of the 62nd Army nr. 28/N of September 28, 1942

Order of the Red Star [citation]


Temporary certificate nr. 567973

Order of the 5th Tank Army nr. 0480 of April 21, 1943

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class


Temporary certificate nr. Zh-042062

Order of the 8th Guards Army nr. 252/N of August 14, 1944

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class


Temporary certificate nr. I-094595

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of November 6, 1945

Order of the Red Star



Decree of August 6, 1946

Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad


Permanent certificate nr. D-19713

Decree of December 22, 1942

Medal for the Defense of Moscow


Permanent certificate nr. Ts-013070

Decree of May 1, 1944

Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945


Permanent certificate nr. V-0232145

Decree of May 9, 1945

Signature of the awardee: [signed]

I confirm the correctness of the data and the signature of the awardee (position and signature):

Chief of the 3rd Section of the Military Commissariat of the Oktyabr Raion
Major [signed] /Bedbatchenko/
September 1, 1946

Award sheet

All fields to be filled out fully

Last name, first name, and patronymic: Chichevsky, Ivan Yemelyanovich
Military rank: Senior Lieutenant
Position and unit: Senior adjutant of the Mortar Battalion of the 720th Rifle Regiment (he currently serves as assistant chief of staff of the 911th Rifle Regiment, 244th Rifle Division)

Nominated for: Order of the Red Star

1. Year of birth: 1914
2. Nationality: Russian
3. Since when in the Red Army: Since October 1937
4. Party affiliation: Member of the Communist Party since 1942
5. Combat service (where and when): At Lake Khasan from June 8 to June 18, 1938; Southwestern Front from March 13, 1942 to August 1, 1942; and Southeastern Front from August 1 to October 5, 1942
6. Wounds and contusions received: Wounded during the Patriotic War on April 4, 1942
7. Previous awards (for which achievements): Medal for Courage
8. Drafted by which military commissariat: Military Commissariat of the Kuibyshev Raion, city of Omsk
9. Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee or his family): _______________

Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

During the fighting near the train station of Bulatselovka, Kharkov Oblast, comrade I.Y. Chichevsky showed himself a brave and disciplined Red Army commander who is capable of taking initiative. He is demanding of both himself and his subordinates and commands authority among his men. He served as senior adjutant of a mortar battalion.

He was always present in the most dangerous sector. During his regiment's offensive toward height 137.5, the commander of the 1st Mortar Company was killed, after which comrade Chichevsky assumed command of the company and inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy.

On June 22, 1942 the company launched a bayonet attack four times, during which near the village of Shevchenkovo, Kharkov Oblast, 230 enemy soldiers and officers were killed, 7 light machine guns were destroyed, 2 mortar batteries were suppressed, 1 enemy vehicle was taken out of action, and an enemy ammunition depot was blown up. During a hand-to-hand engagement comrade Chichevsky himself killed 7 soldiers and 1 officer and took 1 captured soldier back to the staff.

He is fearless in battle and dedicated to the motherland.

Senior Lieutenant I.Y. Chichevsky deserves the Order of the Red Star.

Commanding officer of the 911th Rifle Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel [signed] /Dyachenko/
December 8, 1942

Order of the Red Star nr. 145712, obverse and reverse

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