Ivan Ivanovich Mamoshin

Order of the Red Banner nr. 107213 was awarded by Order of the 3rd Guards Tank Army of April 29, 1944 to the 31-year-old Senior Lieutenant Ivan Ivanovich Mamoshin, deputy commander for personnel of the 2nd Motorized Rifle Battalion of the 69th Mechanized Brigade, 9th Mechanized Corps, 3rd Guards Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front.

Senior Lieutenant Mamoshin went missing on February 4, 1945 and was declared dead on March 25, 1945, at the age of 32.



Senior Lieutenant

June 21, 1943

Record card of an awardee

Last name: Mamoshin
First name: Ivan
Patronymic: Ivanovich
Rank: Senior Lieutenant
Position and unit: Deputy battalion commander in the 69th Mechanized Brigade


Awarded which order or medal

Date of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Awarded for what

Order of the Red Banner [citation]

Order nr. 066/N of April 29, 1944

For the fighting with the German invaders


[Blue stamp: Award issued]


Home address: 3rd Guards Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front

Biographical particulars

1. Year of birth: 1913
2. Place of birth:
3. Party membership and period: Not a member
4. Nationality: Russian
5. Period of service in the Red Army:
6. Award documents are located in file nr.:

Awards issued:

Order or medal

Date of issue

Place of issue

Number of the order or medal

Number of the award document


Order of the Red Banner




Temporary certificate nr. V-046946


Other remarks:

Award sheet

1. Last name, first name and patronymic: Mamoshin, Ivan Ivanovich
2. Rank: Senior Lieutenant
3. Position and unit: Deputy commander for personnel affairs of the 2nd Motorized Rifle Battalion, 69th Mechanized Brigade, 9th Mechanized Corps
Nominated for: Order of the Red Banner
4. Year of birth: 1913
5. Nationality: Russian
6. Party affiliation: Not a member
7. Participation in the Civil War, the subsequent combat actions to defend the USSR, and the Patriotic War: On the Krim Front from 1 September through November 10, 1941; on the North Caucasian Front from June 5, 1942 through August 10, 1942; and on the 1st Ukrainian Front since November 20, 1943
8. Wounds and contusions received during the Patriotic War: No
9. Since when in the Red Army: Since February 1940
10. Drafted by which military commissariat: Military Commissariat of the Sevastopol Raion
11. Awards received previously (for which merits): None
12. Permanent home address of the prospective awardee and the address of his family: 17 Sovetskaya ['Soviet'] Street, apartment 36, City of Chkalov (wife: Klavdia Ivanovna Mamoshina)

Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits:

Serving as deputy battalion commander, comrade Mamoshin showed himself a bold, courageous, and decisive commander throughout the period of combat. During the fighting for the town of Bazalia on March 5, 1944 comrade Mamoshin, located with the 1st Rifle Company, led the company in an attack and was the first to rush into the town of Bazalia, killing up to a platoon of enemy soldiers in the process. Commanding a foreward detachment during the fighting for the town of Kupel on March 8, 1944, comrade Mamoshin inspired the men by personal example, and in a quick assault the foreward detachment seized the southern outskirts of the town of Kupel, killing up to 30 enemy soldiers and officers in the process and suppressing three enemy firing positions. Comrade Mamoshin deserves the Order of the Red Banner.

Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Rifle Battalion
Senior Lieutenant [signed] /Kozak/
March 10, 1944

Senior Lieutenant Ivan Ivanovich Mamoshin

Order of the Red Banner nr. 107213, obverse and reverse

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