Ivan Dmitriyevich Rakhno

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class nr. 571763 was awarded by Order of the Central Group of Forces of November 2, 1945 to 41-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Dmitriyevich Rakhno, military commandant of the Polish city of Bytom (German: Beuthen).








February 7, 1942

Lieutenant Colonel

August 18, 1943

Record card

Order booklet nr. A-270770

1. Last name: Rakhno
2. First name and patronymic: Ivan Dmitriyevich
3. Military rank: Lieutenant Colonel
4. Sex: Male
5. Year of birth: 1904
6. Place of birth: Village of Vasilkovka, Vasilkovka Raion, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR
7. Party membership (since which year): Member of the Communist Party since 1931
8. Education: Elementary
9. Nationality: Ukrainian
10. Since which year in the Red Army: From October 1926 through January 1946
11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied at the time of the award: Military commandant of the city of Beuthen (Germany), Department for Military Commandant's Offices, Northern Group of Forces
12. Current place of service and position: Director of the Poultry Breeding Incubation Center of the city of Dubossary
13. Home address of the awardee: Village of Korzhevo, Dubossary Raion, Moldovan SSR

14. Record of all awards received:

Name of the order or medal

Serial number

Number of the document

Ground of award

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class [citation]


Temporary certificate nr. Z-917091

Order of the Central Group of Forces nr. 0159 of November 2, 1945

Order of the Red Star


Temporary certificate nr. A-575976

Order of the 3rd Ukrainian Front nr. 02/N of January 6, 1944

Order of the Red Star


Temporary certificate nr. 069892

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of November 3, 1944 for long service

Medal for Combat Merit


Temporary certificate nr. 19795

Order of the 56th Army nr. 01/N of March 18,1942

Signature of the awardee: [signed]

I confirm the correctness of the data and the signature of the awardee (position and signature):

Military commissar of the Dubossary Raion
Major [signed] /Goncharenko/
August 2, 1947

Award sheet

All fields to be filled out fully

1. Last name, first name and patronymic: Rakhno, Ivan Dmitriyevich
2. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
3. Position and unit: Military commandant of the city of Beuthen (Poland)

Nominated for: Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class

4. Year of birth: 1904
5. Nationality: Ukrainian
6. Party affiliation: Member of the Communist Party
7. Participation in the Civil War, the subsequent combat actions to defend the USSR, and the Patriotic War (where and when): In the Patriotic War since 1941
8. Wounds and contusions received during the Patriotic War: No
9. Since when in the Red Army: Since 1931
10. Drafted by which military commissariat: Military Commissariat of the city of Dnepropetrovsk
11. Previous awards (for which accomplishments): Order of the Red Star and Medal for Combat Merit
12. Permanent home address of the prospective awardee and his family's address: _______________

Short, concrete description of his feat of arms or accomplishments:

Comrade Rakhno entered the city along with forward elements of the Red Army. Fires had taken hold of the city and the population of the city and neighboring villages were plundering warehouses, stores, and businesses. He quickly managed to establish strict order. All fires were immediately extinguished, all of the city's businesses were saved, and within a few days they started manufacturing goods for the Red Army. Electric power, water supply, and tram lines were restored for the city's population. Thanks to his perseverance, by April 15, 1945 the large Juhlenhьtte[?] Ironworks, the Bobrin[Bobrek] Power Plant, and a number of other companies had been dismantled and transported to the USSR.

By May 1, 1945 a monument to the fallen soldiers and officers of the Red Army had been erected in the city.

Within the city excellent military order and outstanding revolutionary vigilance are being observed.

He fully deserves the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class.

For the chief of the Section for the Supervision of Military Commandant's Offices, 1st Ukrainian Front
Lieutenant Colonel [signed by deputy] /Y. Repin/
June 6, 1945

Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Dmitriyevich Rakhno

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class nr. 571763, obverse and reverse

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